10 Steps to Succeed in Direct Sales

Every year thousands of men and women across America sign on with direct selling firm-Tupperware, Amway, or a cosmetic company-hoping to make money enough for new draperies, a new davenport, or some new clothes. They sell a little merchandise to a few relatives and close friends. Then they are through. They quit before they give themselves a chance to learn the basics of success in sales. “I am simply not a born salesperson,” they often say.

No one is born a salesperson, any more than one is born a doctor or born a lawyer. Sales is a profession. To be successful in any profession one must learn not only the basic techniques, but also how to apply those techniques. Success in sales makes use of all the abilities one is born with, plus all those acquired through education and experience.

If you are looking for a career opportunity or “extra income” to help with the family budget, direct selling offers you dream-fulfilling possibilities. However, you must give yourself time to learn the techniques of sales. Ask yourself. “How long does a doctor to be study? A lawyer to be study?”

Is Your Vision More Than You Bargained For ?

Now that Christmas is over, we begin to reflect on the year and prepare for the New Year.  My holiday was great spent with family and friends.  We had planned on watching all of The Lord of the Rings, so we made 2 pots of chili and lots of snacks for the day, not to mention all of the holiday goodies.  This was a huge accomplishment to set out for in one day, after all each segment is at least 3.5 hours.  We started around 11:30 a.m., so we were in for a very long day.  The best part about this goal, we spent the entire day together as a family.  No running around, schedules to abide by etc., just good family time spent together.


Have you ever embarked on a journey and halfway through wondered if it was too much?

Should you turn around? Would it be worth it in the end? Sometimes the easy parts are embarking on the journey and enjoying the fruits of your labor at the end. Regardless of how clear the vision, what comes in between can bring lots of doubt, not only from others, but from yourself. A man I greatly admire, Denis Waitley said, “Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you”, and I firmly believe that.

If you think about it, all journeys start with a vision.

We usually envision how exciting it will be to make that first step. Our next vision is typically what it’s like at the end. If it’s our network marketing business, how much money we’ll make once we’ve had all those sales. If it’s a trip, how much fun we’ll have when we get there. If it’s a marriage, how we’ll celebrate a 25th anniversary. What we don’t always account for are the things “we didn’t bargain for” (include in there a few naysayers, trying to convince you that you’re wrong or to turn around and go back).


The New Year is approaching and it’s a great time to reflect on the past year, as well as prepare for the upcoming year. When you’re doing the planning, and writing out your vision statements, remember there will be things you might not have bargained for. Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best, “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right.  To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage”.   Always keep this in mind “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, what’s in it for me?” ~Brian Tracey

Write your Vision statements. Be courageous. Be determined and above all, Finish YOUR journey.

Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate during this season, I wish you health and happiness in the coming year.

Wishing you a safe & prosperous New Year.

What Happened To The Dream – Denis Waitley on Winners & Losers

Denis Waitley’s Philosophy

“Being Proactive is key” Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley is famous for his philosophy, “The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can,
I will and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have done, or what they don’t do.”

According to his personal philosophy, a person should find alternatives in reaching his/her goal. The ones that usually succeed are those who are proactive in their goals and not the ones that make constant excuses.

Denis Waitley encourages all those aspiring for success to always find an alternative, not an excuse. This clearly reflects his own point of view on things as he finds other means to spread his message to the world. Denis Waitley is one of those people who believes in the power of resourcefulness, according to his philosophy. He has come a long way from the US Naval Academy, to being one of the most known speakers of the 21st century.


We are in the Holiday Season and so many people are looking for that special gift and spending money for those special people in our lives.  And because 2012 is also ending and a New Year is just a few weeks from now, you are probably thinking of resolutions.   According to statistics, two of the top resolutions are: getting fit and healthy, and saving or making more money.

What if you can have both? You can become healthy and make money at the same time!

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Think and Grow Rich? Not Without Vision, Belief and Action

As I look back on my network marketing career I count my blessings. But the one that means the most to me is the person I have become as a result of this amazing journey. There is no success in network marketing, or anything we want to achieve, without a strong sense of self coupled with undeniable belief.

You must believe in your products and your industry, but most of all in yourself.

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or run your own network marketing or MLM business, in order to be a success and fulfill your dreams, I’ll say it again, you have to believe in yourself AND what you sell.

We have to grow. I had to grow.

Someone once told me that in order to be successful in network marketing I had to work on myself first. I had absolutely no idea what that meant until my journey began and I realized that I was racked with fear and self doubt.

Even though I had a vision, I was paralyzed.

I read Think and Grow Rich over and over and over until I began to establish a belief in myself, and a realization that my thoughts were controlling my actions or lack of. Today, I am a successful person in the world of network marketing. My great friend, mentor and business partner Lynn Allen Johnson has written two books to help people get past their self-defeating beliefs.

Now it’s time to go to work and start putting your plan in action.

The problem is that most people (especially in network marketing) would rather learn how to do something than do something. They never swing the bat and make it to first base. If you could have everything you want by being who you are, you would already have it.

Are you ready for the journey? Do you have your dream boards in place? Is your vision statement written and in sight?

Do you need help with your vision statement? Send me a note in comment section below. I am more than happy to help.

Impossible is Just a Word

Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn’t fantasized about being the one who hits the game-winning homer? Who hasn’t dreamed of being the homecoming queen? And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?

Often, we dream big dreams and have great aspirations. Unfortunately, our dreams remain just that – dreams. And our aspirations easily collect dust in our attic.

This is a sad turn of events in our life. Instead of experiencing exciting adventures in self actualization, we get caught up in the humdrum of living from day-to-day just barely existing.

“Life With Woody” 10 Inspirational Quotes That Can Improve Yourself

Humor is indeed the best medicine there is whenever you are. I mean anyone can pay good money to listen to a comedian just to make you wet your pants after laughing so hard. Despite of what’s been happening, and to those who has gone though the ordeal, it’s better to just laugh while facing the troubles with a clear mind than anger with a clouded vision. One of my favorite celebrities of all time may have to be Woody Allen. Now this is one guy who gives you the in-your-face bluntness that he pulls out with gusto, even without even trying. You can talk just about anything with a man, and he’s bound to mock the subject and you’ll end up laughing rather than being upset about it.

Woody Allen has this to say:

1. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” It sounds good to me, I mean the practicality of all things does involve money but it doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to get it.

5 Winning Strategies For MLM Success

1. Find Your Niche

Sure you want everyone to benefit from the opportunity for freedom you have to offer, but face it… not everyone has an interest in extracting themselves from their comfort zone. Successful MLM marketers are willing to step out on a limb, and to change themselves. No, it’s not for everyone.

Who are the people most likely to be ripe for a change? Identify your prospects, and target your marketing strategies toward them. Don’t waste time and energy casting your pearls before the swine. Invest where it counts.

5 Steps To Gain Financial Knowledge

Here are additional helpful tips to gain financial knowledge:

1. When hiring a person to work for you, hire one who is more knowledgeable in the position you intend to hire him/her for. This way, you will have less worry if he/she is able to perform the job. You get to learn from the person, and you’ll have more time to attend to other moneymaking ventures. Don’t think the person might be a threat to your business, as long as you pay him/her well. Otherwise, he/she need not work for you in the first place.

2. Changes, especially those that involve bargains, can spell profit. Take for example in a supermarket where there is a “sale.” People’s most likely reaction is to buy and stock up. It is normal reaction but peculiar when analyzed. In the stock market, when there is a price crash, people tend to shy away. This is contrary to what happens in the supermarket. Why?

Perhaps, we will never know. On the other hand, when prices in a supermarket go up, people shy away. Again, in the stock market, when prices go up, people start buying which shouldn’t be the case.

Set Up Your Mind For Wealth

You are what you want to be. Just like you are what you eat, it also follows that you are what you think. If you set your mind to work for somebody as an employee, you will look for a job and you will be satisfied working as an employee. However, if you set your mind properly to attain financial freedom, you will find means of getting wealthy without the pressures and hassles of working for someone else.

It seems that the mindset of many people is almost always pre-occupied with working as an employee that they forget or unintentionally ignore to cross the line, to see how they can create real wealth.

Just like a coin, they never bothered to look and to find out how it feels to be on the other side of it.

Are you aware that the word “job” fits as an acronym for “just over broke?” And rightfully, the meaning does make sense. Having a job (as an employee) lets you earn just enough to cover your daily expenses.