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Evaluating network marketing companies can be an overwhelming and daunting task. However, it is well worth the effort to insure that your time, money and reputation are not wasted on trying to build a business with a company that will not be here in the future.  Being in business for yourself is very rewarding, but it takes a lot of work and you must start with evaluation.

I know you will find the following guidelines to be invaluable in helping you select a company that you will be proud of and that will provide for you the level of lifetime residual income that you aspire to achieve and pass on to your family.

There are four main areas to evaluate. First, you’ll want to look at the company. Who are the management leaders of the company?  What are their founding principles?  What are their areas of expertise to lead this company? Is there a clear vision for the future? Do they function with integrity, and can you prove it? Is this the company and are these the people that you want to align yourself with?

Second, you’ll want to look at the products. How will the products benefit people?  Does the company rely on outside research and development of the products or do they do it for them-self? Does the company have a patent on their formulas?  Does the company do their own manufacturing? What does the company do in order to provide quality control procedures? Are the products highly consumable…meaning that people use and reorder on a monthly basis, and become loyal to? Do the products have a positive impact on people’s lives?

The third issue is timing and trends…timing in the industry, as well as timing in the company. Is the industry just now emerging as a growth industry? Does the company have a history of solid growth…not one that is declining, or flattened out in terms of growth?  How relevant is the company to the needs of society?

And, the 4th, like all businesses, is the compensation plan. How do you make money? And, is it fair for the individual who is working on a part-time basis…someone who wants to make an extra few hundred dollars per month, and beyond that… will it pay an individual $10,000, $20,000, or more per month…for the people who really want to go out and create wealth and financial freedom?  How does this company’s compensation compare to others? What makes it unique while being fair?

Don’t overlook or make short of this process! Trust your findings! Ie know that if any one of these areas is lacking, your chance for success is cut in half. Which means you’ll have to work twice as hard to be successful. If any two of these areas are lacking, you will suffer and regret your decision.

Be sure you do your homework first before you make the decision to partner with a specific company and invest your time and energy.  The industry is real, and it continues to grow, you will too if you lay the foundation.

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